Rodent Refuge

Name Of Rescue: Rodent Refuge
Website of rescue:
Where rescue is based: Oldham, Lancashire
Where rescue rehome to: All of great Britain
Is Rescue breed specific? if so and if not please explain?: Small rodents, Mice, Mammates, Rats, Chipmunks, All Hamsters, Gerbils…
Do you neuter all animals before leaving for forever homes where applicable? please explain either way: Only when necessary, for behavioural or health issues
If applicable do you always vaccinate?: not applicable
If applicable do you always worm/flea treat: Yes
If applicable do you microchip?: not applicable
Do you provide insurance when rehoming to new owners?: not applicable
Will you always take the animal back no matter what?if not please explain under what circumstances etc: Yes I will always take an animal back that has been adopted from my rescue
Rough ‘donation’ guide per animal please also explain what this involves: Donations are adoptees choice, not compulsary

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